What is Tailored Crowns University?

Tailored Crowns University offers access to online courses that will teach you everything you need to know about constructing, styling and customizing a machine made or hand-sewn flawless lace closure and frontal wig.

 Where can I go to view course descriptions and purchase my course?

Click the Tailored Crowns University link in my bio on Instagram (@tailoredcrowns) or visit www.tailoredcrownsu.com. When you get to the website, click the drop down menu and select Course Descriptions and Pricing. You will be able to purchase the courses by clicking the Tailored Crowns link in my bio or by visiting www.tailoredcrowns.com. 

 When will I receive access to the course?

You will receive your log in information for the course to the email you used to register for it. You will then have access to view all the course materials. This access is 8 weeks long so please be sure to begin the course when you receive the email for your login information.

 Is the course easy?

The course was created to mirror a one on one class. You will feel like you are learning hands on. You do not need previous experience with a sewing machine to take the course. The level of ease depends on your skill level, but the course will provide you with all of the tools you need to construct a flawless wig from start to finish. Be sure to follow each step. When you get comfortable you can use your own techniques. All courses are beginner friendly so no matter which course you choose, you will be able to learn the technique with practice and patience. Follow #TCUniversity to see reviews from past students.

 Do I have to be a previous student to register?

No, anyone can purchase a TCU course from any of the section

Are the Semesters different?

Yes, all of the semesters offer different courses. You may select which course you are interested in taking. There are 12 courses to choose from!

What kind of Sewing Machine do you recommend for the course?

I use and teach on a Singer Classic but you can use any sewing machine you choose. A bonus to having the same machine that I use in the course is that I teach you how to thread the machine in Course 101.

What courses do you offer?

We are currently offering more 12 courses. Because of this, all of the courses and descriptions are listed on the course descriptions and pricing page so that you can carefully read each course description and select the course that your need. You may purchase course individually, by semester or by Bundles (Semester One and Two, or Semester One through Semester Four)

Can the videos be saved to view later?

The courses are not downloadable, however you have 24/7 access to view the course during the 8 week class. You can watch the videos as many times as you need to during the semester.

What day and time are the classes?

The classes are recorded videos and can be accessed on any day or time after class begins until the last day of class.

Will more classes be offered at a later time?

As of right now, there is no set date for another semester to begin after this current semester ends.

 What if I have questions?

When you purchase a course at Tailored Crowns University you gain access to a closed Facebook Group. You may ask questions there or you may email those questions to tailoredcrownsu@gmail.com and someone from the support team will follow up within 48 business hours.